The Naturals an enlightening collection of ten heart-warming stories for children, showing just how special and wonderful our Earth is, how it looks after us all; that it is alive and compassionate, and always has our best interests at heart.  In this day and age, especially, it is of utmost importance that our children feel the connection we have with our Natural World.

Humorously reflecting compassion, hope and a sense of belonging within our Natural World, and embracing children, parents and grandparents alike; The Naturals are made up of ten heart-warming stories, inspiring children to respect, revere and protect our Natural World, with sound moral values shining through.

Unlocking children’s awareness to the very real bond we have with our Earth cannot be over-estimated.  A strong feeling of responsibility is inside us all, but many are unaware of it.  This awareness in children can only be unlocked by them feeling for themselves the loving connection we have with our Natural World and, indeed, the Universe.

My passion behind writing The Naturals is to try and help fuel a sense of wonder within children at the very real connection we have with our natural world around us; so that they may feel inspired to revere, respect and protect it.

The Naturals designed to be read to children, encouraging the important loving connection between parents/carers, grandparents and children, and therefore enabling the very same feelings of connection that we have with our Earth, to shine through.

With more than 50 beautiful illustrations, The Naturals will keep the eyes and the ears of the young listeners (and the reader!) entranced until the end...

A percentage of my profits from The Naturals will be going to the WWT to help save wetlands for wildlife and people; and also to the NSPCC to help stop child abuse.

The Naturals
Copyright © 2010 The Naturals Created and Maintained by Lukas Petersen
The Naturals
  We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.