The Naturals

The Story Behind The Naturals...

       In 1997 I was living in Denmark and pregnant with baby number four, when out of the blue a children’s story popped into my head.  I tried ignoring it as I had far more important things to do, but it just would not leave me alone.  After nearly two years, I managed to put pen to paper and wrote The Story of Sunny.  I was pleased with myself for ridding my mind of the pest! 

       However, no sooner had I done so, two more stories of Rainy and Piglet, and Cloudy and Baby Eagle miraculously appeared and would not leave my mind.  I was frustrated and annoyed.  I certainly did not have the time for a fun writing project, when by this time I had five children under the age of seven.

       By late 2001 I had managed to get the stories of Rainy and Cloudy into permanent, visible words (although mainly by staying up late into the early hours, which I barely had the energy for).  I had hoped my mind would find peace but, lo and behold – less than a week after I had finished the three stories,  seven more stories magically appeared to follow suit with; Windy, Snowy, Moony, Starry, Hailstones, Rainbow and Earth, and all their related characters continually popping into my mind.  By this time, though, I was more accepting of them, and thought that ten was a nice round number (plus I thought the stories were great, too!), so I decided not to resist their advances any longer!

       I decided to call them The Naturals.  I was getting excited by them and was looking forward to finding the time to get the other seven stories out of my head and onto paper.  I managed to make a small start when, in the summer of 2002 my husband, Michael, became disabled, hospitalised and bedridden overnight, and was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.  A more physical feat of my life was definitely managing to push a wheelchair with husband in and with a five year old on his lap, at the same time as pushing a double buggy with a two year old and four year old inside, whilst keeping an eye on my eight and nine year olds, who had to help me push both! 

       Living in Denmark, with all my own family back in London, I am very proud of myself that I managed to keep our lives in order, and that our five children are continuing to grow into patient, caring, empathic, and spiritual human beings, who never judge others and never cease to amaze me with their ability of seeing a wider perspective in all challenges they have had to face in their short lives so far.

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The Naturals
  We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.